Old Catholic Church Studies




Agape Seminary is the official seminary of the Independent Old Catholic Church, and our main task is preparation of men and women for Ordination to the Priesthood.  Our courses are practical, efficiently organized, and reasonable in cost. The Church Web Site is at - 

Basic Course for  Preparation for Priesthood

This is a comprehensive course in basic Catholicism from an Old Catholic perspective. The basic text book used is Catholicism, Richard McBrien, HarperSanFrancisco:1994. (New Edition).   Admission to the Course if open to anyone with a University Degree OR experience in professional life and the Church. Upon the completion of the program the degree Bachelor of Sacred Theology will be conferred. Those holding an acceptable Bachelor Degree will have the degree Master of Sacred Theology conferred.

TH 580 - Theological Foundations

TH 581 - Theological Philosophy - Human Existence

TH 582 - Doctrine

TH 583 - Comparative Religions

TH 584 - Christology

TH 585 - Church History

TH 586 - Ecclesiology (The Church)

TH 587 - Sacramental Theology

TH 588 - Christian Morality and Ethics

TH 589 - Spirituality

TH 590 - Mary and the Saints

TH 591 - Eschatology (End Times)

TH 714 - Stages of Spirituality

TH 716 - Apostolic Fathers - The Didache

Those seeking Ordination with the IOCC will be required to take additional work:

 TH 601 - Systematic Theology of the IOCC including Canon Law.

 PS 632 - Sacramental Confidentiality.


Completion of this program leads to Degree - Bachelor of Sacred Theology.   For those holding a Bachelor's

we shall confer the Degree - Master of Sacred Theology.

Total Fee for complete program - $975​

Fast Track Program for Ordination 

This is a special program for those seeking Ordination with the Independent Old Catholic Church (IOCC) and have some 

theological education and/or church experience.  Completion of this program leads to the Licentiate in Sacred Theology.

This program is also suitable for those already ordained or those seeking a transfer from another jurisdiction to the IOCC.

1. Th 601 - Orientation Course on Systematic Theology of the IOCC.

2.Th 602 - Ordination Candidacy Study​ (Self Examination of call to Priesthood)

3. Th 630 - Church Canon Law and Regulations. 

4. TH 632 - Sacramental Confidentiality Issues

5. Th 740 - Sacramental Liturgy and Practicum

6. TH 714 - Stages of Spirituality Course

7. TH 716 - The Didache (From the Apostolic Fathers)

8. TH 766 - Theological Issues

9. Formal Application with References

Total Fee for complete program (including all materials) $575 

Scholar in Theology (S.Th)

This program is designed for mature students who take a selected number of courses in Theology, and is a shorter program, and 

primarily for those seeking Ordination or for various reasons do not require full study program.  Selected courses will be given

depending on the student's previous studies and life experience.  This program may be taken only with permission of the faculty.

Total Fee for complete program - $295