Masters Degrees

Students holding an acceptable Bachelor Degree may apply for a graduate degree, with either course work and/or a research dissertation. We confer the Master of Divinity ( M. Div) or Master of Sacred Theology (Th.M). 60 Credit Hours is required and the program will be developed in consultation with the student.

Fees - (excluding text books) $575 

Doctorate Degrees.

The pinnacle of educational study is the doctorate. It carries weight and dignity and enriches the life of the student. The general purpose of the doctorate is to develop the student's knowledge, theoretical clarity and competence.  Entrance to the doctoral program requires a sound Bachelor and Masters degree background.

Experience in ministry or a related field is usually required.

60 Credit Hours are required for a Doctorate. Studies maybe a combination of course work, essay work and a Theological Dissertation depending on the Doctorate. The programs are developed on an individual basis with consideration of the student's interest and area of expertise. Research, much reading and evaluation and synthesis is requited.  Students are required to study, read, research and form positions on vital issues.

A faculty advisor  is assigned to each student to guide their studies and progress.

Doctor of Theology  (Th.D) or Doctor of Sacred Theology (S.T.D.)

These programs are theological research degrees, and a dissertation is required.  A few elective courses are also required to complete those areas where previous work is lacking.  

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

This is a professional degree in ministry. It is concerned with ministry at parish or congregational level or church administration. The work consists of selected courses and essay work.

 Doctor of Divinity (DD)

This is an earned degree with Agape Seminary and is reserved for those holding a senior office in the Church. It is usually some special advanced course work.

Fee for these doctorate programs (excluding text books as required) is $900

Doctorate in Pastoral Psychology

This special program is designed to develop skills in pastoral counseling. Entrance to the Program is with faculty permission and requires ordination or such related experience.  On completion the degree

Doctor of Religious Philosophy in Pastoral Psychology is conferred.

Course of Study:

PS 701 - Abnormal Psychology

PS 712 - Christian Counseling 

PS 720 - Brief Pastoral Counseling

PS 740 - Pastoral Counseling Studies

PS 745 - Counseling Ethics and Ministerial Confidentiality

PS 780 - Case Work Studies

PS 790 - Practicum in Pastoral Counseling

PS 799 - Final Comprehensive Exam

Fee for this special doctorate program (excluding text books) is $1,100

Honorary Degrees

Under Florida State Regulations we are restricted to the conferring of Honorary Degrees. We do confer the honorary degree Doctor of Humane Letters to suitable persons.  Information on request.